Dr. Kristina Vande Vrede

My passion in life is helping people. I work collaboratively with clients to help them develop strong relationships and successful and happy lives.  


Anxiety and Depression

Perinatal Psychology:

​Postpartum Depression

Traumatic Birth Experience

Dyadic Therapy

Dr. Vande Vrede is a Licensed Psychologist with a private practice in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Her practice is exclusively focused on individual with most clients interested in improving their daily lives and eliminating specific stressors.  

Dr. Vande Vrede is a Certified Perinatal Mental Health specialist (PMH-C) through Postpartum Support International. She completed a one year residency in Infant and Toddler mental health with a focus on Perinatal Mental Health and Dyadic therapy. Dyadic therapy is a treatment that engages both mother and infant in the room and is effective in improving the attachment between parent and child. Dr. Vande Vrede specializes in Perinatal Mental Health issues, which can be explored in further detail

A native of Bergen County, Dr. Vande Vrede is familiar with the unique cultural and social demands in North Jersey, particularly those impacting children, adolescents, and parents. Societal expectations and pressures can exacerbate anxiety and depression, and our youth are especially vulnerable to the extreme stressors from increasingly demanding academic and extracurricular responsibilities. 

Dr. Vande Vrede earned a double degree in Music and Psychology at the University of Delaware and went on to complete a Master’s degree in counseling. From there, she completed a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Long Island University. Her doctoral dissertation research focused on the treatment-seeking attitudes of religious populations. Dr. Vande Vrede continues to concentrate her clinical focus on treatment, as well as the attitudes and motivations of her clients.

The work I did in your office has not been forgotten…We spent our time working on perspective, building coping skills, and processing emotional trauma while I worked as a[n artist] and had no home. Today, I have healed my inner children, know my self-worth, moved past coping and into compassion, and have the ability to establish and hold boundaries.
Your compassion and dedication to your patient has been unforgettable…I am living a life I never thought was possible four years ago. I am proof dramatic change can happen! Thank you for being a meaningful and lasting presence in my life!

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